Recent Goose News...

       A Gaggle of Trouble as Canada Geese Go After Crops

     Goose Truce: Chicago Residents Learn to Live With Birds 

     Swan Causes Care Takers Death in the Northern Suburbs(click to read more)


Additional Articles on Geese 


Goose Attacks

    Goose Attacks 5 year old girl

     College Student Gets Attacked by Geese -2015

Goose Related Crashes

     Plane: Geese Colids with United Airlines 737 Airplne

     Jeep Crashes into Motarist That Stops for Geese (Video)

     Driver Tries to Avoid Goose, Rolls Vehicle Over

     Goose Crashes Through Car Winshiled on Michgan Driver - 2011


Goose related illiness or disease outbreaks

     Worst Outbreak of Bird Disease in the History Of The United States- 2015

     2000 Geese Fall Dead Form The Sky While Migrating to Nesting Grounds - 2015

     Malnutrition Leads to Brids Deaths- 2015

     Avain Botulism Reports - Click here for Chicago (8/29/11)

     Officals: Waterfolw in Chicago Park Died of Avian Botulism -2011   

Goose lawsuits

    Central Illinois Man Files Lawsuit, Alleges Serious Injuries After Attack By Geese- 2012

     Goose attacks railroad worker - 2009

     Woman Sues County Over Attack By Goose At Okeeheelee Park- 2003

     Goose Attack Prompts Lawsuit -1998

     Chef Sues in Attack by Goose For One Million Dollars- 1988

Recent Swan Attacks

     Killer swan blamed for mans drowning (ABC Local news)

     Chicago man who died was attacked by a swan Chicago Tribune