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We view many residents feeding both Geese and Ducks at many of the parks and ponds in our suburbs.We have also found that nearly 100% of these individuals are not aware they are causing more negative than positive. BREAD KILLS both DUCKS AND GEESE. In order to protect the well being of waterfowl we strongly urge you to please not feed any type of breads (NONE AT ALL) to GEESE or DUCKS. The continual feeding of bread causes ANGEL WING SYNDROME which effectively immobilizes waterfowl in which they cannot migrate. This causes most birds residing in our area to sadly freeze to death during our colder winters. Please STOP FEEDING MIGRATORY BIRDS and causing more human related issues,Geese are fully capable of fending for themselves and when food runs out they migrate to another food rich area, the following video via channel 5 news.

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